I first heard the term “microadventure” from a man named Kert. These days it seems like he’s always on a mountain or in a river, but when I knew him he had to juggle classes and college-level soccer along with his free spirit. Hence, rather than full-scale adventures every once in a while, every break from class and practice was an opportunity for a microadventure. A day-long kayak trip, an afternoon of mountain biking, and even a few hours spent fishing offered him a chance to get away from his stressors and immerse himself in nature. He never had to travel far. Rather than pining for a vacation getaway he made memories without even crossing state borders.

The concept of the microadventure can be the saving grace for stressed out students, parents, and employees everywhere. If you’re someone who believes big, grand, and expensive vacations are the only way to get away and unwind (and get some great shots for the Instagram), I have good news for you. You can save money and your sanity by taking more frequent getaways closer to home. Florence Williams in The Nature Fix and Richard Louv in Last Child in the Woods both outline how nature (or a lack thereof) can affect our physical and mental health. Sparing a few hours on the weekend, after work, or between classes to de-stress with a microadventure can help you be more focused, calm, and creative and even improve your immune system. (For the science behind the benefits of nature, check out The Nature Fix.)

I think Kert was really onto something by prioritizing time away from school or work and getting into surrounding nature. Focusing on local escapes more frequently can rejuvenate your spirit and help you build a deeper connection with your community and the world around you. #LiveLocal–explore, unwind, and seek adventure in your own backyard.

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