Sustain U is a sustainability resource blog designed to help the average student, businessperson, parent, or whoever you are learn how to make changes to improve your impact on the planet, the sustainability of your community, and the health of our world. Leading an eco-friendly lifestyle is so much simpler (and cheaper!) than most people expect–and this website aims to show you how! Living in a college dorm, I struggle to find ways to reduce my carbon footprint and waste, and notice that my peers and coworkers often have the same problem. I created this blog to document my journey in finding resourceful ways to improve my impact on the planet and living in a way that is healthier for myself and the world around me. I hope my experiences can help you on a similar journey in living a sustainable life on a “college” budget.

About Me

My name is Marissa, and I’m that typical college kid who changed their major multiple times before figuring out what was right for me. The unique part about my final decision to major in Environmental Studies is that I will be the first person to graduate with this degree at my institution, since the program was created while I was a sophomore. Since I’m the first person to complete this program, I have sought out valuable internships and jobs on and around campus that have filled in the gaps of my classroom experience. With that said, I have the passion for sustainability, although I am continually learning about how our planet is impacted by humans and what we can do to fix it.

As a college student I know how difficult it is to make time to care about, much less to take action on, something beyond studying for exams, maintaining a social life, and maybe getting eight hours of sleep at night! That’s why I created Sustain U. I want to help you, as a busy student, employee, parent, or whoever you are, see how easy it can be to “green” your lifestyle and help your friends, coworkers, and campus make a change too. Leading a more sustainable lifestyle isn’t as intimidating, time-
consuming, or expensive as it may seem. I am looking forward to hearing from you as we make the journey toward a healthier planet and society together!


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